About Us

FNI Healthcare Inc.

Just the services that you need

FNI Healthcare, Inc. has a pledge to provide you with quality and dependable home health care services. From the beginning, we have always been doing our very best to accomplish this.

To ensure the consistency of delivering quality care to you at home, we conduct program reviews, assessment, evaluation, staff’s appraisal, and personnel coaching to better shape our home health care programs.

At FNI Healthcare, Inc., we have a network of medical professionals working as one cohesive unit to meet your needs. We have:

  • Skilled nurses who can administer health management in your home
  • Physical therapists who can facilitate trainings and aid you in your recovery
  • Occupational therapists who can guide your way to regaining self-care skills and motor functions
  • Home health aides who can support you during rehabilitation and help you keep your home organized through light housekeeping functions
  • Speech therapists who can help you achieve better communication skills
  • Medical social workers who can assist you and your family through health ordeals and coordinate with your physician/insurance providers.

These people form the name that is FNI Healthcare, Inc. We are proud of our staff and we look forward to serving you at home. Please call us at 1-757-271-3861 to inquire about the availability of home health care in your area.